Project Resume

2001-2005 –  Female Fun Records/Culturama Videos – Arcata, CA

Newspaper ads, stickers, promotional postcards and flyers.

2003-2005 – Hip-Stop Record Stop – Arcata, CA

Newspaper ads, stickers, promotional postcards and flyers.

2007 – 2011 – Justice By Uniting In Creative Energy (J.U.i.C.E.) – Los Angeles

Music Production Coordinator, newspaper ads, stickers, promotional postcards and flyers for events and concerts. I also ran the social networking on multiple websites,  and took part in the planning, running and daily operations of the program.

2009 – 2012 – Wavaflow Studios – Los Angeles

Lead designer and artistic director. Created the Wava family of websites and incorporated brand identity and functionality. Created short videos of recording sessions at the studios, created animated logos and transitions for those videos. I also created promotional postcards and flyers for events and concerts.

2nd Annual J.U.i.C.E. Hip-Hop Dance Festival [assistant producer, 2009] 

With the artistic director, organized over 12 dance teams and 120 dancers. From beginning of process to selling out the 1200+ seat Ford Amphitheatre.

Miles & Monk In The Sky – Art Showing, W Hotel, Hollywood [Jazz Legends autographed piano, co-producer 2010]

Miles & Monk In The Sky

Mighty 4 Humboldt – Arcata, CA [all ages, all day Hip-Hop jam/canned food drive, producer 2010]

Antics Performace – Illuminated Manuscripts Dance Piece, Bootleg Theater Dance Festival – [created 40-min soundtrack that was performed by Antics Performance  and utilized cutting-edge infrared technology in making an interactive dance piece]